Small but ‘wheel’ changes…

Whether you come from the ‘God the creator’ corner or the ‘theory of evolution’ corner, the human body doesn’t have wheels as part of its anatomy.
This is all about making small changes so I’m obviously not going to talk about reinventing the wheel here or lambast probably the worlds greatest ever invention.
Just be aware that along with all the necessary uses it also makes us soft and lazy. How many times have you jumped in to the car to drive 2 minutes around the corner to the local shop or to post a letter? These situations don’t occur all that regularly (I hope!) but when they do….. walk. Or jog. Or a bit of both.
If you take public transport occasionally take the stop before or after or if you walk places regularly anyway take a different, longer route and this will also nurture your sense of adventure too (well, just a little!)
Remember it’s a culmination of small things like this that will help us stay in tune with the instincts that enabled our bodies to develop into the incredible, planet conquering beings we are!


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